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About Us

We are NCR Counterpoint experts and have combined Shopify and Counterpoint to expand your selling power! Our goal is to help you grow your business.

Sales Channels for Shopify

These sales channels are available to all Shopify users at no additional monthly charges. Orders placed through other sales channels are imported into NCR Counterpoint for processing. Integrate third party sales channels, ecommerce, and point of sale!

Easy to Setup

Setting up sales channels is a snap. Log into your Shopify portal to activate the channel. Link your accounts to the channel. Add your products to the channel and you are ready to accept new orders!

Social Selling

There is nothing worse than seeing a product on Pinterest and not having a way to buy. Shopify Sales Channels allow you to put items on social media with a link back to the site.

Third Party Apps

Sales channel not listed. Check the Shopify app store! Need an Instagram shop? Visit the app store to easily install a third party app to drive sales from your Instagram account.

Shopify Support

Many of the sales channels were developed by Shopify. Call their 24/7 tech support with questions on product setup and processing!


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